HOST Program
59 Callaway Court
Orleans, Ontario, Canada
K1C 7S4
Phone: (613) 983-3633
The Board of Directors governs and manages the affairs of the Organization.

The powers and duties of the Board include:
  1. promoting the object of the Organization;
  2. promoting membership in the Organization;
  3. maintaining and protecting the Organizationís assets;
  4. paying all expenses for operating and managing the
  5.       Organization;
  6. investing any extra monies;
  7. making policies for managing and operating the
  8.       Organization;
  9. maintaining all accounts and financial records of the
  10.       Organization;
  11. without limiting the general responsibility of the Board,
  12.       delegating its powers and duties to the President.

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Board of Directors
Current Board of Directors:
President: Richard Lussier
Vice-President: Donald J. Stephenson
Secretary: Linda Lussier
Director: Suzanne Donnelly
Director: David H. Hill, O.C., Q.C.
Director: Carman Joynt
Director: Dena Splinter
Director: Michael van Aanhout
The Board consists of eight (8) Directors: the President, and seven (7) Directors-at-large elected at the Annual General Meeting from among the Members.
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